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2016 Spark EV to be sold in Quebec

5 May 2015

The cutest electric car on the planet will finally be available to Quebec drivers. Offered for fleet purchase only since two years, the Chevrolet Spark EV will be sold to retail buyers as soon as autumn 2015.

2016 Chevrolet Spark EV

Eco-friendly, the 2016 Spark EV builds on Chevrolet’s proven electric motor and battery development programs from the very popular and most liked Chevrolet Volt. The environment-friendly Spark is well known for being one of the few low-volume battery vehicules to offers two different types of electric motorisation. Drivers can choose between the conventional 240 volts charging and the DC quick charging.

Covering not less than a 131 kilometers range, perfect for city driving, the smart mini-car comes with the 2015 design in the electric version, trying to lower the cost to offers the best retailing price possible. Combined with the government purchase rebates and incentives, adding up to 8000$, the Spark EV should be quite affordable.

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