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Winter’s coming: prepare your vehicle now!

12 October 2018

A simple tip: once you can see your breath, it's already time to put on those winter tires! Winter tires are designed to perform better on cold, dry pavement, and not only in snowy conditions. We should think of them as cold-weather tires, and not strictly as snow tires.

It is recommended that as soon as the temperature dips below 7°C, we should switch over to winter tires. A temperature below 7°C can harden your tires and make them less effective. No need to wait to hit a patch of black ice to benefit from them—winter tires improve traction, braking, as well as handling.

Note that winter tires should be installed in sets of four to avoid compromises in terms of safety and effectiveness. Installing winter tires on the front axle only could result in a complete loss of control, and installing them only on the rear could cause understeer.

Choose tires that correspond to the driving conditions, habits and needs that are relevant to you. Do you drive a large or a small vehicle? Do you live in the city or country? Do you have to use your vehicle every day?

Avoid the mad rush after the first snowfall, you might have to wait to arrange an appointment. Whether your snow tires are on separate rims or all set to go, we’re here for you! Contact us now to make that appointment!

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